Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mad About Plaid

When I look to how to juggle working, motherhood, blogging, and running a small business out of my home, I turn to Brooke from Lemon Drop Shop. She seems to have mastered the I didn't wash my hair today but it still looks good, I can rock holey jeans with an oxford and statement necklace, and you will never know that I am running on coffee alone. She also knows when to take a step back, do something simpler, or give herself a breather. All things I admire in the women in my life! And that doesn't even begin to share her incredible taste - girl has got an eye for style. So earlier this week, when she posted about plaid, I asked if she would contribute her post here to share with all of you.

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I have a thing for plaid. Even as a girl, I begged for a Ralph Lauren blackwatch purse (my parents were kind enough to oblige--with a little one). So the plaid passion is not new to me, but of late, I have noticed it spreading into areas that I've really not seen before. Classic plaids as cupcake liners, plates and bibs, for example. And I've seen fresh plaids infiltrate the "classic" such as ties, shirts and blazers.
These fabulous finds--vintage and new--were all discovered on Etsy.

Newer trends I'm noticing--and I kind of like it!

Some of my current favorites.

It seems the holidays are the perfect time for warm, rich, cozy plaids, doesn't it?

p.s. Brooke is hosting a giveaway that closes today (12/18). Hurry over and enter.

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