Wednesday, February 20, 2013

101: Spring Pencil Skirts

I don't know about you, but I am over winter. It has been way too cold recently. Spring better hurry up and get here - only 26 more days! One of my favorite spring to summer work essentials is a pencil skirt that steps a bit outside of the traditional conservative suit attire of my work place. Something about warm weather loosens dress code up, just enough that you can get creative with print in classic shapes. Here are some of the top styles you can find this season:

Anthropologie Mint Skirt (pair this with a classic white button down and a navy blazer and it meets even the strictest office dress) $98

J.Crew Double Serge a forever classic with a twist in fresh pear, on sale for $98, other colors $110 (like colbat blue that I have my eye on!) 

Modcloth Lei it On I love the way this skirt could go from boardwalk to board room with an accessory quick change. The key here is making sure that when you wear this skirt to work, the rest of your attire is finished well. $39.99

Boden Modern Pencil Skirt my favorite of the options. I would wear it to work, a bridal luncheon, and church on Sundays. It is classic, and its versatility is limitless. $88


    I can't wait to wear things like this!

  2. Wait that Anthro skirt. I need it. Gimme.

  3. What beautiful selection of skirts! Loving the neon skirts! x

  4. I love a great pencil skirt! Always makes me feel pulled together at the office! :)