Monday, February 18, 2013

Featured Blogger: Kim

::: Work Environment and Staples ::: 
I'm so excited to push through my fear of showing my personal style!! I am an interior designer, a stay at home mom and a blogger!! Whew...needles to say, my style changes hourly! It almost always has to be comfortable and movable ( heels for this girl) I am either, chasing a 3.5 yr old, meeting with clients with arms full of "stuff" (plans, tiles, fabrics, photos) or sitting at my computer writing, researching and spending way too much time on social media.

Because of my ever changing schedule, I have a few major staples in my wardrobe. Cute Flats, Dark Jeans (I like to say "spills to stylish in 10 seconds flat") and cute accessories, mainly a chunky bracelet and long necklaces! I love Banana Republic and Forever21 for necklaces and bracelets...did you laugh at the difference there? Here is why..I like cheap pieces that are cute, that my son can pull on, and I don't worry if they break (Forever21) but I also like to have nicer pieces for client meetings, that look a little more expensive. When I am blogging, I am typically wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt and jeans.

::: Does blogging make you a better employee? :::  
We just recently moved form New York to Nashville. While in New York, I worked for an architect 3 days a week, and stayed home with my son 2 days a week. I have been blogging since 2011, and I think it definitely helped me in my day job. I feel like I am more aware of all things design now. I always see things while shopping for clients that catch my eye and make me think, "oh I have to write about that!!" Also, blogging started out as a hobby for me. So it relaxes me, it helps me focus!! 

::: Do you see blogging as a means to recording life as alternate career? :::
I waiver on this. At first, I absolutely just did it to record life, and share great finds with my readers, along with honest mommy moments. But as my readership grows, and I make more connections, I am getting more offers. I can see that it IS an opportunity to make money, but I am so afraid that I will LOSE some of the passion behind it. I am staying open!! Trusting that whatever this little blog is suppose to turn into, will happen ;)

::: Is blogging your main outlet? Or do you have other hobbies? ::: 
Meditation is my main outlet, blogging is second. Before leaving New York, I had a daily meditation practice. It grounds me, it calms me. Now that we have just moved to Nashville, and I am a full time at home mom, its been a struggle balancing everything, I haven't been meditating as much, but I am still blogging ;) Blogging is really my passion, its what I like to do with my down time!!

::: How do I find time to do it all? ::: 
Here is the truth. I don't. Its really that simple. I absolutely do not find time to do it all. Its a struggle for me. I want to be present in everything I do. SO that means when with my son, I am 100% WITH him...when I am blogging, I am 100% WITH Design Thoughts. That's what I WANT, It just doesn't happen though, the way I make it work, is giving myself a break. Remembering that real life balance isn't equal. Its 20% here, 50% there and 30% over there. NOT balancing everything equally is my balance!!

The one thing that has helped me a bit, is starting a weekly schedule and trying to stick to it. So Mondays are my days for housework (cleaning, groceries, re-arranging) Tuesdays are my days for blogging, so any chance I get, I am blogging. Wednesdays are my days that I commit to my OTHER project called Moms Just Being, a Facebook community of moms who support each other, that I started with my two friends, Thursdays are my "Social Media" days, and Fridays are free days. I try really hard to stick to the schedule, but also know that the world doesn't end if I dont post on Instagram on Thursday!

::: What have you been pinning lately? :::
I had a major window treatment fail at my own house (way too short) so I have been pinning color block curtains. A hopeful solution to my problem! Also, I am WAY into large scale items, so anything and everything large scale.  

You can catch up more with Kim on her blog, Design Thoughts 
or on facebook, twitter, instagram, google+ or vine: Design Thoughts

Outfit Details:

Navy Polka Dot Shirt-$39.95 GAP
Banana Republic Skinny Jeans Dark- $35.99 on sale!!
Grey flats- GAP ( I don't remember the price I have had them forever!!)
Necklace- Banana Republic( last summer )$16.99

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