Wednesday, February 13, 2013

101: Travelling Shoes

If you live in a city and travel through public transport or walk, you have probably heard of "travelling shoes." They're the shoes you throw on to get to your office, swapping them out for a more appropriate work pair. A lot of people just through on their sneakers and call it a day, but I'm a firm believer in cute travelling shoes.

They don't need to be anything fancy; you're just schlepping in the elements in them. But they don't need to be ugly! Check out a few of my go-to travelling shoes.
+ The Hunter wellies seem a bit self-explanatory for me. There's no reason to ruin any pair of shoes in the rain or snow. Hunter's solve that problem quite stylishly. And adding in a pair of boot liners makes them warm enough for the winter! Also, if you have big calves like me, Hunter has a pair of boots for you. So don't be discouraged by the small leg opening!

+ Madewell's Skimmer flats are cute and perfect for sunny days. If you often wear heels in the office, this is a good pair to step into when you're walking to the subway or home. They're airy, though they do require a bit of breaking in. I highly recommend this technique.

+ Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes are a classic in my opinion. They're my constant weekend companions, so they're super broken-in and perfect for walking around on the street. I don't mind if they get scuffed up; I feel like it adds character.

+ I feel like I need to defend the Uggs a little bit. I know they are not the cutest shoes on the block. But this button pair isn't the worst out there. And, quite honestly, nothing keeps my feet as warm as my Uggs do. Plus they're easy to throw on and off when I get into the office.

Do you use travel shoes for work?

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